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Siobhán McPhee

Core Areas

Labour, migration, political economy, urban inequality.

Research Interests

PhD Economic Geography 2012 University College Dublin

My research interest in economic, specifically labor, geography lies in the context of global cities or more specifically newly emerging global cities. Geographers describe a new geography of capitalism associated with shift towards a new international division of labor specifically with reference to international migration. Rather than capitalism developing production processes according to geographical regions and cities, jobs within emerging global cities are now divided by gender and nationality. My research in Dublin was based on my interest in emerging global cities, moving research on migrant labour beyond the traditional urban centres such as London, New York and Los Angeles. I am expanding my empirical work to include the urban context of Dubai and also Vancouver. My interdisciplinary background in addition to my broad training in human geography provides me with the capability to present a historical and contemporary approach in my role as an Instructor in Geography. As a teacher and researcher involved in geographical education I am responsive and resourceful in order to respond creatively to the changing nature of global processes and of international education.