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Laura Baumvol

Core Areas

Academic writing and research, scholarly knowledge production and dissemination, research-informed teaching, internationalization of higher education.

Research Interests

Ph.D. (Applied Linguistics), M.A. (Applied Linguistics) & B.A./B.Ed (English/Portuguese)

Bio: Laura Baumvol is an instructor in the UBC Vantage College Arts Studies in Research and Writing (ASWR). She was a recipient of the Emerging Leaders of America Scholarship (Global Affairs Canada) and her Ph.D. research focused on scholarly knowledge production and dissemination. She has taught a range of academic writing and communication courses in Canadian and international institutions. Laura has a broad interest in scholarly and public discourse, research-informed practices in teaching and learning, international education, and research methodologies. She has published papers and edited journals internationally and is an investigator in multiple research projects. She advocates for the promotion of students’ and instructors’ full participation in diverse scholarly discourse communities and for an inclusive and equitable internationalization of higher education.