Admission to the UBC Vantage College Management Stream is suspended for the 2019 winter session. Current students enrolled in the program are not affected.

By starting your UBC Bachelor of Management in the Vantage One Management program, you will gain a strong foundation of core knowledge in management, while also developing your English language skills. You will also have the opportunity to work in teams and learn through critical analysis and research, further developing your skills for future roles in managing organizations. Coursework ranges from micro- and macroeconomics to corporate responsibility, sociology, and Canadian business, with Term 3 of the program taught at the picturesque UBC Okanagan campus.

After successfully completing the Vantage One program, Management students continue their degree studies at UBC Okanagan, providing experiential learning with co-op education options that will allow you to apply your knowledge.

Vantage One management progression

Wondering how you can progress from Vantage One to Year 2 of your UBC degree? Learn more here.


  • After completing the first year Vantage One Management program, students will have met the full set of requirements to transition seamlessly into the second year of their Bachelor of Management degree. The program does not add extra time to the degree.
  • Dual campus structure allows students to experience both the iconic UBC Vancouver campus in Term 1 and 2, then the beautiful UBC Okanagan campus in Term 3 and towards the completion of their degree.
  • Program includes Academic English courses, designed to further develop language skills alongside academic studies.
  • Small class sizes ensure a heightened degree of support from both faculty and fellow classmates.
  •  With over 50 highly-trained faculty and staff at Vantage One, students are surrounded by a strong support network to enhance their academic performance, English language development, study skills, and overall preparedness for continuing degree studies at UBC.


UBC Okanagan campus
UBC Okanagan campus

All Vantage One Management students complete Term 1 and Term 2 at UBC's Vancouver campus. During Term 3 (May to July), Management students study at UBC's Okanagan campus in Kelowna, BC. Upon successful completion of the Vantage One Management program, you will progress into second year and finish your Bachelor of Management at UBC Okanagan.


Between September and July, you will be registered in the following courses:

ASTU 204A (3)
Inquiry and Evidence in the Humanities – Global Events, Local Identities
This is an interdisciplinary course that focuses on the critical thinking practices we find in the humanities, in disciplines such as literary studies, art history, film studies, media studies, and history.  Humanities scholars study connections between forms of culture and the communities that produce them. They use artwork, texts, and films as important sites of inquiry, and interpret these sites to make complex claims about human societies. In this course, you will practice the ways that humanities scholars analyze different cultural forms, use them as evidence, and make claims about them in their scholarly writing.

ECON 101 (3)
Principles of Microeconomics
Elements of theory and of Canadian policy and institutions concerning the economics of markets and market behaviour, prices and costs, exchange and trade, competition and monopoly, distribution of income.

ECON 102 (3)
Principles of Macroeconomics
Elements of theory and of Canadian policy and institutions concerning the economics of growth and business cycles, national income accounting, interest and exchange rates, money and banking, the balance of trade.

LLED 200 (3)
Introduction to Writing in Academic and Professional Registers
Examination of sociolinguistic knowledge and skills that are central to the production of academic and professional texts.

MGMT 100 (3)
Introduction to Canadian Business
Introduction to the Faculty of Management and functional areas of business including accounting, economics, finance, marketing, organizational behaviour, business policy, and entrepreneurship. Steps needed to build a successful local, national, and international competitive business. Ethical and policy decisions faced by business and government. Open to all students.

MGMT 110 (3)
Introduction to Management Thought and Social Responsibility
Introduces management thought in business and organizations. Utilizes critical thinking in socially and ethically responsible decisions at a corporate and personal level. Includes managing responsibly through people, mass production, ethical and socially-responsible practices. Covers start-ups, entrepreneurs, family business, non-profit/for-profit organizations and governments in global regions.

PSYC 101 (3)
Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology
Introduction to Methods and Statistics, Biopsychology, Learning, Perception, Memory, and Cognition.

PSYC 102 (3)
Introduction to Developmental, Social, Personality, and Clinical Psychology
Introduction to methods and statistics, motivation, assessment, developmental, personality, clinical, and social psychology.

SOCI 101 (3)
Social Interaction and Culture
Culture, identity, social interaction, relationships and socialization.

SOCI 102 (3)
Inequity and Social Change
Inequality, institutions, social structure and social change.

WRDS 150 (3)
Research and Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Writing and reading in the social sciences and humanities, focusing on practices which the research disciplines share, and those which differentiate them.

VANT 140 (4)
Content and Language Enrichment Tutorials
Sustained language support for linked content courses in the Vantage One Program. Students develop strategies for self-directed learning.

VANT 148 (2)
UBC Vantage College Projects
Projects linked to topics explored in the UBC Vantage College International Program curricula.

VANT 149 (1)
Multidisciplinary Research Project
Research project that culminates in student-led conference and research presentation.

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Term 1 (UBCV) Term 2 (UBCV) Summer Term (UBCO)
ECON 101 (3)
PSYC 101 (3)
SOCI 101 (3)
ASTU 204A (3)

ECON 102 (3)
PSYC 102 (3)
SOCI 102 (3)
WRDS 150 (3)
VANT 148 (2)

MGMT 100 (3)
MGMT 200 (3)
LLED 200 (3)
VANT 140 (3)
VANT 140 (1)
VANT 149 (1)


Vantage One Management Schedule Term One