An innovative, integrated program for first-year international students

UBC Vantage College is part of a new vision for education. Smaller class sizes, flexible learning models, mentorship and hands on experiences are just some of the ways the College will be creating new learning environments at UBC. In these environments, intellectual and intercultural exchange will be enabled by an open and innovative platform.

Our hope is to reimagine the University as a setting that fosters true learning without borders. Learning that will affect not only the students at the College, but students, faculty, and staff within the broader UBC community.

In addition to the university-wide values of academic freedom, advancing and sharing knowledge, excellence, integrity, mutual respect and equity, and public interest, the College holds the following values:


We are committed to our programs, our students, and their career and personal development. We believe in bringing international students together and want to see their success.


We will make a major impact on students’ lives by providing them with the opportunity to grow and succeed.


We promise a high-quality and personalized learning environment for each and every student that will support their future success.