Useful Campus Resources

Plan your finances

Learn more about the financial commitment of a university education at UBC Vantage College and the various funding options available, including scholarships, awards, and on-campus employment opportunities through UBC’s Work Learn program.

Get ready to live on campus

Find out where you’ll sleep, what you’ll eat and how you’ll get around on and off campus. We’ve got details on residence rooms, meal plans and other food options, and the U-Pass public transit pass.

Live well to learn well

A healthy mind and body are critical to your academic success and personal well-being. Find out more about on-campus services and resources, including extended medical coverage, professional counselling, faith-based spaces, and recreational facilities.

Explore your resources

Meet the advisors who will help you transition to life in Canada and navigate your university education at UBC Vantage College.

Begin your adventure

UBC’s orientation programs are the best way to set yourself up for a rewarding year before classes get started. You’ll explore campus, connect with new classmates, learn how your program stream works, find out how you can get involved, and get a sense of the services available to help you succeed.

Plan for success

Having a plan will help you make the most of your time at UBC. Learn the requirements for your program stream, check out course descriptions, and review sample timetables. Then, explore the wide range of academic resources, learning opportunities, and experiences available to you.