Vantage One Program

A new undergraduate program for international students

UBC Vantage College is your starting point to a UBC degree. The College offers a first year university program called Vantage One. The program combines one year of academic degree-focused credits with intensive academic English preparation. After successful completion of Vantage One, you will transition into the second year of your UBC degree.

The 2016/2017 academic year will usher in the third cohort of students in the Vantage One program. Two cohorts of academically strong, diverse students have come before you, and are already on their way to completing a variety of UBC degrees. Vantage One now offers four streams of study, with representation from over 20 nationalities. We have dedicated Academic Advisors available to help you plan for, and understand, your UBC degree path. In 2016/2017 you can look forward to studying and living in Orchard Commons, a sustainable, academic and residential complex.