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Vantage College: A hub for transformative teaching and learning 

In 2014 UBC launched Vantage College, an interdisciplinary unit designed to serve as a transformative teaching and learning hub. Come and join us to learn about the pedagogical motivations behind the creation of this unit, its mandate, and the many interconnections across both campuses at UBC.

CapCon2019 big group photo of Vantage programs

Learn about some of the curricular innovations that have taken place, how these have been informed by scholarship of teaching and learning and program evaluation studies, and find out about:

  • the enriched student experience, and lessons learned in relation to how to improve our approaches to integrating multilingual learners in our classrooms. 
  • the innovative curricular models adopted, and still being developed
  • learn about VC graduates’ performance in the program -- during their first year -- and throughout the rest of their studies at UBC. 
  • examples of highly successful interdisciplinary collaborations, as well as challenges to keep in mind to address issues of sustainability, engagement, and logistics related to interdisciplinary teaching initiatives. 

Everybody is welcome! 


Dr. Joanne Fox teaching a class

Dr. Joanne Fox

Professor of Teaching, Principal, Vantage College

Dr. Sandra Zappa-Hollman

Dr. Sandra Zappa-Hollman

Assistant Professor, Director of Academic English Programming, Vantage College

Date and Time


Tuesday February 25th, 2020
3:00 PM - 4:30PM PST

The University of British Columbia - Vantage College
6363 Agronomy Road
#2002 (Orchard Commons)
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

What the Vantage Speakers Series will focus on

Dr. Alfredo Ferreira teaching a classroom of Vantage students

This talk will launch the UBC Vantage College academic speaker series, which is aimed at providing a forum of dissemination of work primarily generated by faculty and staff members of the Vantage College community. The series will also host invited speakers either from within UBC or from other institutions. The focus of the series and work featured may be either:

  • showcases of transformative teaching & learning approaches (e.g., how to teach a particular topic or skill; how to engage students as co-constructors in the teaching-learning process; interdisciplinarity, etc.)
  • strategies for creating linguistically and culturally responsive spaces (inside and outside the classroom contexts)
  • reports at any stage of a project (e.g., conceptual, empirical and/or action research, SOTL initiatives, TLEF projects, etc.)

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