Vantage Peer Mentor Program

Who are we?

The Vantage Peer Mentor program is a peer-to-peer initiative that connects the current Vantage One students with the Vantage alumni. The team is a group of former Vantage students who are invested in creating a sense of community within the current cohort of Vantage students and connecting those students to former Vantage students, faculty, staff and the larger UBC community. To see who your 2018/2019 Vantage Peer Mentors are, please refer to this link: The Vantage Peer Mentor Team.

The Missions of the Peer Mentors 

What do Vantage Peer Mentors do? 

  •  Attend weekly meetings to plan new initiatives that can benefit the Vantage community.

  • Organize and facilitate social events, orientations and workshops for the Vantage students.

  • Provide the Vantage students with useful campus resources.

  • Participate UBC wide leadership events and Peer Programs meeting to represent Vantage One.

Get involved in Vantage Peer Mentor Program

Thank you for your interests! Vantage Peer Mentor application opens in January. Keep your eyes on

If you want further involvement, you can also email us here!

Q & A

How can I contact the Peer Mentors?

Vantage Peer Mentors are available via Facebook group UBC Vantage 2018-19 You can also email your assigned Peer Mentor. For general inquiry, please email . Please feel free to talk to us anytime! 

Where can I get information about events?

Event information is shared on our Facebook group and sent through emails. It is sometimes shared on the black board located at the Vantage Commons.  Please keep eyes on them!

How can I be a Peer Mentor?

Thank you for your interest! Application is open in January. Stay up to date on the latest information at