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References: The People Behind the Pedagogy

This podcast explores how to make language your superpower. Hosted by Jodie Martin, we bring you the latest and greatest news from UBC Vantage College where we have English language experts working side by side with discipline-specific faculty to help our students power up their communication and academic literacy skills so that they can thrive in a rigorous academic setting.

Episode 1 - Revising Multiple Choice Questions to Enhance Multilingual Learner Comprehension

Do you use multiple choice questions for tests, mid-terms and exams? The advantage of technology today means that we can do all sorts of marvelous things, like create question banks, gather analytics on responses, and perhaps most importantly, mark automatically. But how many times have you had a question which most students got wrong, even though you know they knew the content? Often, we see that as teachers, how we phrase questions isn’t as obvious to our students as it is to us. In our first episode, we hear from a team of professors and instructors in the Vantage One Arts program who explored the idea of what makes a good multiple choice question and discovered how to fix it. We interview Dr. Mark Lam (Lecturer in the Department of Psychology) and Jennifer Lightfoot (Academic English Program Lecturer in Vantage One Arts) about their interdisciplinary approach to developing multiple choice questions that enhanced the learner comprehension. Other contributors to this project that were not interviewed include, Dr. Simon Lolliot, Dr. Katherine Lyon, Nathan Roberson, and Daniel Riccardi.

References for this episode:
Riccardi, D., Lightfoot, J., Lam, M., Lyon, K., Roberson, N. D., & Lolliot, S. (2020). Investigating the effects of reducing linguistic complexity on EAL student comprehension in first-year undergraduate assessments. Journal of English for Academic Purposes, 43.

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