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3 Ways to Connect with Your Professors

One of the perks of being in Vantage College is its tight community, where you have a small set of classmates and professors which make it easier to get to know your professors. Many first year students have the misconception that professors are like high school teachers that should always be above you, but...

...That’s not the case in universities. Most professors don’t want you to be afraid of them, but instead, they want you to pay them respect and be open to sharing your opinions. Getting to know your professor and building a good relationship with them will not only help you study better, but will also inspire you intellectually. UBC is a great school with amazing faculty members who are all experts in their fields. Talking to your professor will help you get the latest news on the subject, and even help you discover your real interests! Here are few ways to build connections with your professors:

Be active in class.

When you don’t understand the lecture, raise your hand and ask. If you want to share a critical point of view, raise your hand and say it. Most professors really encourage class participation, as it gives them a clear idea on how well he or she teaches, and helps them understand what you might be missing. Being active in class also helps with active learning, which is a way to make learning even more efficient!

Attend their office hours.

Every professor will have office hours. While a lot of people consider office hours only for extra support - such as when you are confused about a topic covered in class or you have a question about your midterm exam - it’s also a place for open academic communication! Depending on the professor, the things you can talk to your professor during office hours can vary from an article you found to asking about his dogs! It never hurts to know and communicate more!

Go to events held by student associations.

Another way to build relationships with your professors is attending student associations’ events! Most departments have their own student association, such as the Psychology Student Association, Integrated Sciences Student Association (ISSA) and more. These student associations host faculty and student socials on regular basis, and it’s a great chance for you to build good relationships with the professors of your field in a more casual setting. Don’t forget to check them out!

Many international students are not confident with their English skills, and it really holds them back from communicating with the professors. However, at Vantage, professors understand your language concerns, and there is nothing to be afraid about. So go ahead, make the most of your time at Vantage. Remember, you can only get better through practicing!