Awards and Scholarships in the Vantage One program

Are you interested in being considered for a financial award at UBC Vantage College? The Vantage One program allocates numerous awards each year based on academic merit and financial need.

There are three main awards available within the Vantage One program.

  1. Outstanding Student Award: Several awards for outstanding Vantage One students, ranging up to $6000 value. No application required. All students automatically considered. One time award.
  2. Entrance Award: This award ranges up to the full cost of the student’s first year tuition in Vantage One. One time award. Application can be found here.
  3. Excellence Award: A scholarship ranging in value up to the full cost of the student’s degree at UBC, as well as living costs, for students beginning undergraduate studies in the Vantage One program. Renewable for up to three years beyond Vantage One. The award is made on the recommendation of UBC Vantage College in consultation with the UBC International Student Initiative. Application can be found here.

Uncertain which award you should apply for? Consider your personal financial need. If you identify as a student who has considerable financial need, you may be best matched to apply for the Excellence Award. If you have moderate financial need, but also some degree of family assistance, you may be best matched to apply for the Entrance Award. Students who apply for the Excellence Award will automatically be considered for both awards.

The deadline to apply for awards is March 15th 2016.

Questions? Email us! We are happy to provide advice and assistance.

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