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The Benefits of JumpStart: A Reflection by a Former Vantage One Student

Jumpstart 2019 is just around the corner! Happening from August 24-30, it’s your official welcome to life at UBC.

What is Jumpstart? 

Jumpstart is an orientation program available for all first-year students coming from high school. the program is designed to introduce you to the academics and student life here at UBC. Depending on where you will be living in first-year, you can sign up for Jumpstart as a commuter or residence student.

Jumpstart for Vantage Students

If you are an incoming Vantage student who is going to live in a student residence, you were automatically signed up for Jumpstart when you paid the housing fees. If you plan to live off-campus, you will need to sign up for the Jumpstart for Commuters.

During the program, Vantage students will be assigned to their future faculty group. For example, if you are in Vantage Arts Stream, you will participate in the orientation events with students from the Faculty of Arts. By doing this, we hope to help students get involved with other communities at UBC and ensure a smooth transition after life at Vantage College. 

It might seem challenging to communicate with other students in English in an unfamiliar environment for the very first time, however, it’s a great opportunity to explore the possibilities outside your comfort zone!

What is your schedule for Jumpstart? 

You will find your detailed schedule in an email from UBC Jumpstart, please check your inbox regularly. 

Throughout the week, you will have the chance to engage in different activities where you will  make new friends, explore the campus, take care of essentials, as well as learn how to succeed academically at UBC.

How can you benefit from attending Jumpstart?

Have you ever wondered if it is worth it to sacrifice the last week of your summer break to attend Jumpstart? Well, here are some benefits you can get from this week long orientation program.

As a first-year international student, you are likely confused about how to set up a bank account, apply for health insurance, or even purchase your school supplies. But have no fear - Jumpstart includes workshops that will walk you through every step of settling in a new country. 

Jumpstart can also ease your transition into your new home in Vancouver. It will introduce you to the life as a university student in a stress-free environment. You will attend mock lectures that are offered at UBC and explore study strategies that work best for you. You can easily build personal connections with people around you and get support immediately from the well-trained student Orientation Leaders assigned to your group. Orientation Leaders are senior students from your future faculty. They will have valuable insights to any questions you may have.

Last but not the least, Jumpstart offers you a great opportunity to learn and improve English communication skills. Throughout various kinds of group activities, you will communicate and socialize with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. You will not only make new friends, but also improve your Englihs oral communication skills.

Want to know more about the benefits of JumpStart? How about experiencing it yourself? We are looking forward to meeting you on August 24th!