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A Day in the Life of a UBC Vantage Student

Post by Katrina Dan Zhao, UBC Vantage College Orientations Assistant

Hi, I’m Katrina, and I’m here to show you what a typical day looks like as a UBC Vantage student. Let's get started!

8.30 AM: Grab breakfast before class

Grab morning breakfast and a coffee at a UBC Food Services place near you. There are many cafés on campus, and your student ID serves as your meal plan card. Simply swipe your card and pay for the meal! Check the hours and locations here.

9.00 AM: Go to your first lecture of the day

You will be attending your first lecture after breakfast! Make sure to pre-plan your trip and arrive on time.

10.30 AM: Settle in at your discussion course

Most courses in Vantage College Program come with a supporting lesson taught by a Teaching Assistant (TA). These classes allow you to discuss what you’ve learned and give you additional support. Office hours with your professors are also available, so be sure to keep an ear out during lectures for more information.

2.00 PM: Attend your lab

If you are in Science or Engineering, you will be required to attend lab courses, which are sessions taught by your TA for you to practice what you’ve learned in the lecture. Don’t forget your lab coat!

5.00 PM: Make space for down time

This is the time for you to meet, socialize and make friends! UBC offers a variety ways to get involved on campus, from your nearest residence to on-campus clubs! You will always get a chance to meet with those sharing the same interest as you.

7:00 PM: Get dinner with friends on your floor

Photo credit: Matt Bell /The Ubyssey

Most first-year residences including Place Vanier, Totem Park, and Orchard Commons have cafeterias! Grab some dinner with friends at your residence and wind down from a productive day.

So there you have it - now, while your day might not look exactly like mine, remember that what you make of your UBC experience will be up to you. Get excited!