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Faculty with Outstanding Teaching and Innovation Awarded at the Capstone Conference of 2019

The Vantage College Faculty Awards were created last year to support the educational innovation and excellent teaching that goes on here at Vantage and celebrate our faculty who have done outstandingly well in these two areas.

The two awards are the Vantage College Educational Innovation Award and the Vantage College Teaching Award. The faculty who are receiving these awards this year have provided outstanding contributions in innovation and teaching excellence to the Vantage College community, and we’d like to thank and recognize them for their contributions.

Vantage College Educational Innovation Award 2019

The Vantage College Educational Innovation Award is intended for a group of faculty and/or staff who have carried out a collaborative and innovative project that enhanced students’ learning in one or more of the Vantage One programs in the past academic year.

For their project, entitled, “Blended Experiential Learning in Vantage Arts Courses: Turning Public Spaces into Learning Spaces through Augmented Reality,” the team that has won this year is Katherine Lyon, Siobhán McPhee and Brian Wilson with the support of their Undergraduate Student Research Assistant Team, who are Emily Han, Kim Lynette Abella, Joshua Kamijan, Kimberly Lauren, Kacey Ng, and Liam Su.

This project allows for the shared engagement of syllabus-informed knowledge with reflection.

From Left: Kim Lynette Abella, Liam Su, Brian Wilson, and Katherine Lyon.

Involving a GPS-based app, students are able to walk through Vancouver’s Coal Harbour and Chinatown, while site-specific sociological and geographical information is presented to them through the app. They then experience Coal Harbour and Chinatown directly as well as through the augmented reality of the app.

As this mobile apps provides a highly engaging blended-learning experience for students and has great potential to be scaled for a wider audience, this project wins the 2019 Vantage College Educational Innovation Award.

Vantage College Teaching Award 2019

For consistently putting student achievement and well-being at the centre of his teaching, we’d like to award the 2019 Vantage College Teaching Award to Daniel Riccardi.

Daniel’s classroom is one that tailors detailed instruction with cross-disciplinary integration, accountability, and compassionate teaching. 

Thank you, Daniel, for your dedication to teaching excellence at Vantage College!

Daniel Riccardi.