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Popular UBC clubs for Vantage students

Make friends, learn skills, and gain confidence by joining any one of UBC's many student clubs! Here are just some for you to consider... By Hannah Xiao

Student clubs are an integral part of the student experience at UBC. An ideal way to get involved and find your community, student clubs also allow for socialising, building new friendships, exploring new interests, and taking time out from studying.

Happily, there is no shortage of clubs to choose from around campus. In fact, there are over 400 student clubs operating at UBC, ranging from social, cultural, and interest-based events, to philanthropy, sports, and arts-focused groups. No matter what your interests are, there’s sure to be a club that’s right for you — here are some of the more popular clubs for Vantage students.


UBC Yoga Club
The Yoga Club offers several classes everyday in the Nest and around campus, so if you have an hour to spare in between, before, or after classes, yoga is a great way to de-stress. They even offer classes during exam season! Their classes range from easy Hatha yoga for beginners, to more intense Vinyasa yoga for the more experienced yogi.

AMS Boxing Club
UBC's Boxing Club offers classes to suit all skill levels — from beginners all the way to experienced boxers. They have great introductory and intermediate classes, and offer flexible access to facilities for those more experienced. Advocating health and active lifestyles, the AMS Boxing Club at UBC has grown immensely since it was formed in 2013, and often reaches capacity.

UBC Badminton Club
The Badminton Club provides students with the opportunity to play badminton, and make friends while adjusting to university life. They host ice breaker events, as well as badminton drop-in nights twice a week, which are open to members and nonmembers alike. For those without a racket or bird, you can borrow rackets from the club (free for members).


International Student Association (ISA)
ISA represents the international community at UBC, with students helping students. Dedicated to integrating various international student communities, and creating a space of interaction and cross-cultural awareness, ISA ensures every student’s voice can be heard. Throughout the year, ISA hosts social and advocacy events, such as 'Countries in Focus' events that aim to raise awareness of one under-represented nation each month.

UBC Chinese Varsity Club (CVC)
As one of the biggest and most dynamic social clubs on campus, CVC offers a variety of ways to enhance your university experience through their 13 diverse departments, with activities including sport, partying, hanging out, and skiing.

UBC Mexican Student Association (MEXSA)

MEXSA’s mission is to promote Mexican culture through cultural and social events where people can share opinions, ideas and traditions. Whether you’re Mexican or not, you are welcome to join the club to share in Mexican food, fiestas, and practice your Spanish skills.

UBC Brazilian Student Association (BRASA)
This sociocultural club is dedicated to promoting Brazilian cultural awareness on campus, and providing a social opportunities, through events and gatherings. BRASA aims to celebrate Brazil’s unique culture while creating a community filled with people from around the world.


UBC Ballet Club
Ballet Club offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes for 1.5 hours every week. You can either sign up for one or two classes a week, for a term or for the year. You can also attend classes on a drop-in basis. They also have a competitive team of dancers for those who are more experienced and would like to continue competing throughout university.

Beads and Crafts Club
UBC's Beads and Crafts Club hosts various craft workshops, as well as providing all the necessary supplies so you don’t have to worry about buying too much! They meet every two weeks and teach a specific craft at each workshop. If you consider yourself crafty, or would like to be, this club offers great opportunities to DIY room décor.

UBC Pottery Club
Pottery Club has a studio open from 7am to 12am, seven days a week, equipped with free recycled clay, tools, wheels, glazes, and firings. With everything you need to make pottery, membership to this club is highly sought after and they often reach capacity. They also host a variety of workshops to teach beginners how to work with clay, and the executive team is always there to help members learn. If you’re looking to get your hands dirty and create a beautiful finished product, this may be the club for you!