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Ramadan 2015

Ramadan Kareem!
(Have a generous Ramadan!)

Ramadan occurs in the ninth month of the year, according to the Islamic lunar calendar. The month of Ramadan traditionally begins with the sighting of the new moon. During Ramadan, Muslims worldwide practice fasting from sunrise to sunset. Some countries with Muslim majority include Indonesia, Morocco, Somalia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. For many Muslims, fasting broadens their compassion for those less fortunate, while teaching empathy and self-discipline, and encouraging charitable giving. Many Muslims donate to charities as an extension of Ramadan, or volunteer their time at organizations like food services for those in need. The 2015 celebration of Ramadan will begin on Thursday June 18th, and last for one month.

For those celebrating the month of Ramadan this year, we wish you and your families a month of blessings, happiness and peace.