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We Asked Our Student Leaders: What’s On Your UBC Bucket List?

What's on your list of things to do during your time as a UBC student? We asked our Vantage student leaders. Some activities will have to wait until we're on campus, while other items can be crossed off the list from wherever you are! 

Here are some of their answers:


  • Practice my bass
  • Learn how to edit pictures
  • Design a new Arduino project
  • Learn how to cook


  • Introduce my own country’s culture to my friends
  • Say hi to my online classmates
  • Attend online office hours
  • Attend some faculty colloquiums


  • Visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge
  • Go for a bike ride on campus
  • Try new foods
  • Make new friends with the new Vantage cohort 


  • Throw a virtual birthday party
  • Learn to bake a cake
  • Ask a question in each of my courses
  • Master the art of doing research


  • Get an internship
  • Have a pet
  • Volunteer
  • Make more friends


  • Create a study group and schedule weekly virtual meetings with the group members
  • Learn some video making techniques and make a vlog
  • Take a cold-water dip before the year ends
  • Join the tandem Language Learning Program and learn a spanish song


  • Attend an online orientation activity
  • Make friends from different countries
  • Visit Beaty Biodiversity Museum
  • Take a photo with a racoon