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Welcome from Academic Director Joanne Fox

The UBC Vantage One program at UBC Vantage College has now officially begun. We have two streams in Vantage One, an Arts stream and a Science stream. As the very first Vantage One students, you are a special group. Welcome to your starting point at the University of British Columbia!

Regardless of your academic stream, you will all complete your first year of studies together and be immersed in studying, learning, and living at UBC with students from all over the world. At UBC Vantage College, we are here to help you to learn and we expect you to help each other. In your classes and during the program always be inclusive and encourage others to join your groups. Your program includes many activities where you will interact with each other. These peer-to-peer interactions are an important part of learning. Helping each other and learning from everyone will be an important part of your UBC Vantage College experience.

You now belong to the UBC community. I challenge you to try something new, join a UBC club, attend an event, participate in sports and explore the outdoors. Try Storm the Wall! Getting involved will help you to succeed in your studies. UBC and UBC Vantage College are your communities. We are all here to help you succeed: we’re excited about what you bring to UBC!

On behalf of UBC, and UBC Vantage College, I offer you our warmest welcome.


Joanne Fox