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Work in Canada During and After Your UBC Degree

Attend Vantage One, work in Canada.

Did you know as a UBC student enrolled in full-time studies, you are eligible to work in Canada? If you hold a valid study permit you are eligible to work on and off campus, without a work permit, for up to a total of 20 hours per week. During regularly scheduled breaks, you can work full-time hours, generally calculated at 40 hours per week.

Additionally, after graduation from your UBC degree, you are entitled to apply for a work permit under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP). This permit may be issued for the length of study of the program, up to a maximum of three years.

There are additional programs that can allow you to stay and work in Canada on a long-term basis. Learn more about working in Canada, both during and after your degree.