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Siamak Najarian

Core Areas

Artificial tactile sensing, robotic surgery, transport phenomena, mechatronics and control in biological systems, design of artificial organs.

Research Interests

Lecturer, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

My research interests are applications of artificial tactile sensing (especially in robotic surgery), mechatronics in biological systems, system control engineering, and design of artificial organs.  I also investigate the role of heat transfer, momentum transfer, and mass transfer in the design of various engineering devices and equipment.

Academic Accomplishments

  • More than three decades of experience as a tenured university professor of biomedical engineering (retired at the rank of full professor) with various academic positions and responsibilities
  • Academic supervisor and co-supervisor for more than 200 engineering graduate and undergraduate theses
  • Responsible for the preparation of 10 academic curricula and programs in engineering
  • Introducing 12 new biomedical engineering courses
  • Conducting 41 successful industrial research projects in the field of biomedical engineering
  • Author of 12 engineering books in English, 5 of which were published by international publishers in the US and Germany
  • Author of 3 book chapters for 3 biomedical engineering books which were published in the US
  • Author of 130 journal papers in various scientific journals (more than 100 in international journals)
  • Author of 100 conference papers in various international conferences
  • Winner of more than 30 academic awards (including the book award by the Association of American Publishers 2009 PROSE for the second best engineering book of the year in the USA)

Selected Publications

Selected Books

  • S. Najarian, J. Dargahi, G. Darbemamieh, 2011, “Mechatronics in Medicine: A Biomedical Engineering Approach”, McGraw Hill: New York (NY), USA.
  • J. Dargahi, S. Sokhanvar, S. Najarian, S. Arbatani, 2013, “Tactile Sensing and Display: Haptic Feedback for Minimally Invasive Surgery and Robotics”, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., USA.
  • S. Najarian, J. Dargahi, A. A. Mehrizi, 2009, “Artificial Tactile Sensing in Biomedical Engineering”, McGraw Hill: New York (NY), USA.
  • K. Najarian, S. Najarian, Sh. Gharibzadeh, C. N. Eichelberger, 2009, “Systems Biology and Bioinformatics: A Computational Approach”, CRC Press: Boca Raton (FL), USA.
  • N. Jamshidi, M. Rostami, S. Najarian, 2012, “Biomechanics of Steppage Gait: Kinematics and Kinetics”, Lap Lambert Academic Publishing: Saarbrücken, Germany.

Selected Journal Papers

  • P. Pahlavan, S. Najarian, J. Dargahi, M. Moini, A proof-of-principle robot with potential for the development of a hand-held tactile instrument for minimally-invasive artery cross-clampingJournal of Medical Engineering and Technology, August 2014, Vol. 38, No. 6 , pp 295-301, UK.
  • M. Esmaeili, S. Najarian, M. T. Kashani, A new surgical device for minimally invasive “core-out” excision of high Fistula-in-anoJournal of Medical Devices, 2013, Vol. 7, pp 1-7, March 2013, ASME, USA.
  • P. Pahlavan, S. Najarian, E. Afshari, M. Moini, Artery cross-clamping during laparoscopic vascular surgeries; a computational tactile sensing approachBio-Medical Materials and Engineering, 2013, Vol. 23, No. 5, pp. 423-432, Japan.