Calling for Proposals from Vantage College Faculty and Staff!

The Vantage College Intercultural Communication Committee (ICC) invites all Vantage College Faculty and Staff to share their strategies, experiences, and reflections on ways to better include, engage, and support English language learners, international students, and first-year students to the broader UBC community of educators.

Submit your Proposal 

Deadline for Proposal Submission: Thursday, April 1st 2021

The ICC is organizing a new symposium where Vantage College educators can participate in dialogues with the wider UBC community of educators.  The symposium will enable educators to discuss strategies used to include, engage, and support first-year international English language learners and to share ideas on opportunities to do more. The majority of the symposium will consist of (online) roundtable discussions led by Vantage College educators and Alumni to facilitate dialogue. The goal of the symposium is for educators across UBC to engage in dialogue on ways to better include, engage, and support first year international English language learners, ultimately leading to more inclusive learning spaces and enriching the student experience.    


Event Details

Date: Tuesday, June 29th 10-12pm and 1-3pm

Location: online (details to come)

Presenters/facilitators: Vantage College Faculty and Staff

Audience: The symposium will be advertised to faculty, staff and graduate student teaching assistants across UBC-V and UBC-O campuses, including academic units and offices in international student recruitment, housing and orientation)

Format: Most of the symposium will be Roundtable Discussions. There are limited slots for evidence-based oral presentations. If you would like to submit an oral presentation instead of a roundtable, please email: Each presentation type is a 20-minute time slot.


Roundtable Discussion Format

During the roundtable, you will present a short 5-minute talk on your topic/idea, as well as a question that you will pose relating to your topic/idea. You are able to share screen during this portion. Then, you will facilitate the discussion for ~15 minutes. We encourage Vantage College colleagues to co-facilitate a roundtable discussion.

To submit a proposal, you will need:

  • A Title
  • Brief Abstract (maximum 300 words).
    • Please provide a brief description of your topic and include questions that you propose to discuss during the roundtable. Be sure to highlight some or all of the following points in your abstract:
      • the relevance of your topic
      • the context 
      • what the literature says about your topic
      • any evidence (anecdotal or otherwise) that is related to your question