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Tuesday, February 25th, 2020

Vantage College: A hub for transformative teaching & learning


Dr. Joanne Fox
Dr. Sandra Zappa-Hollman

In our first talk, you will learn about some of the curricular innovations that have taken place, how these have been informed by scholarship of teaching and learning and program evaluation studies, and find out about:

a) the enriched student experience, and lessons learned in relation to how to improve our approaches to integrating multilingual learners in our classrooms.

b) the innovative curricular models adopted, and still being developed

c) learn about VC graduates’ performance in the program -- during their first year -- and throughout the rest of their studies at UBC.

d)examples of highly successful interdisciplinary collaborations, as well as challenges to keep in mind to address issues of sustainability, engagement, and logistics related to interdisciplinary teaching initiatives.