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Meet Your Peer Mentors for 2020-2021!

Sunny Hu

Degree: Dual Degree in Physics and Education, 3rd year

Where I am from: Dalian, China

Interests: Anime, writing and reading science fiction & fanfiction, drawing, travelling, and baking.

A short message for new Vantage students: Be yourself and follow your heart.  Everyone is unique!  

Andrew Zhang

Degree: Bachelor of Applied Science, 2nd year

Where I am from: Jiangsu, China

Interests: Taking photos, cycling, coming up with cool ideas.

A short message for new students: Enjoy your studying life here. Try new things, talk with your classmates, your professors, and TAs.

Cathy Feng

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (Economics), 2nd year

Where I am from: China

Interests: Piano, books, movies.

A short message for new Vantage students: Just forge ahead. We are here for you!

Ruachwaar Gatwech

Degree: Bachelor of science, 2nd year

Where: South Sudan (lived in Kenya)

Interest: I love playing soccer, trying new things, I am a huge fan of watching TV shows(Comedy and Romance) and reading.

A short message for new Vantage students: Expose yourself to new things and try them. When you work hard and work smart, you will achieve anything your heart desires. Don’t hesitate to ask any of us questions!

Alroy Huo 

Degree: Interdisciplinary studies 

Where I am from: China!

Interests: I love sports! I love Ultimate Frisbee, snowboarding and swimming. I also love traveling, food tasting and all kinds of activities. I basically love everything in life!!

A short message for new Vantage Students: Show yourself the kindness you show others. 

Stella Duan

Degree: Statistics, 3rd year

Where am I from: China

Interests: Board games, seal carving, sci-fy/fantasy TV shows, dystopian films and novels. My favourite music is Mac DeMarco, Tom Chang and Cantopop.

A short message for new Vantage students:

Dealing with the transition from high school to college might be overwhelming at first, but It's OK. It takes time to adjust ourselves!

Please don't forget your peer mentors are always willing to chat in case you have any concerns. Take care of yourself and Iet's stay active and safe together!

Qingxian (Andy) Liu

Degree: Combined major in computer science and statistic, 2nd year

Where I am from: China

Interests: Soccer, basketball, badminton, book, music.

A short message to new Vantage students: First, courses are not as difficult as you’ve heard, just try your best and trust yourself. Second, ask questions to professors fearlessly when you feel puzzled about some points. Ultimately, I sincerely hope all of you can enjoy your first year in Vantage College!

Aurea Gutierrez

Degree: Electrical Engineering, 2nd year

Where: Mexico

Interest: Learning new things, play instruments (right now is bass), video games (Animal Crossing).

A short message for new students: It may seem hard to chat with others in another language, but I am sure you will find good friends if you leave the language barrier behind. I also recommend you ask questions, either if you didn't understand something in class or if you want to make new friends. Don't be afraid of university, it will be a great experience, I promise.

Nguyen Doan Dac

Degree: Bachelor of science, 2nd year

Where I am from: Vietnam

Interests: Cooking and reading books.

A short message for new Vantage students: Reach out to your instructors. They are really warm and always support you with their all knowledge. 

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