Making An Impact: The Reason Tuugu Chose Engineering

June 21, 2023

UBC Vantage College Alumni and 2023 UBC Engineering graduate, Tuugu Ulziidelger, discusses why he chose to study Engineering, and details some highlights of his undergraduate experience at UBC.

Engineering Change: A Woman's Commitment to Promote Diversity in Engineering through Co-op and Work Learn Opportunities

August 2, 2023

UBC Vantage College Alumni and UBC Engineering 5th-year student, Zahra Asadi, is dedicated to raising awareness about engineering as a great career choice for female students. In addition to challenging the societal norm of engineering being a male-dominated field, her story also details some...

Student Profile: Vantage One Engineering Alumni Berti Argun

August 11, 2023

In this student profile interview, we spoke with Berti Argun, a recent UBC Alumni originally from Turkey who completed his first undergraduate year through the UBC Vantage One Program in 2018.